Pneumonia in the ImmunoCompromised: Use of the Karius Test for the Detection of Undiagnosed Pathogens
The PICKUP Study is a prospective study comparing the Karius Test to Standard of Care in immunocompromised (IC) patients being evaluated for pneumonia.

Population: IC adults with hematological malignancies and/or HCT with suspicion of pneumonia

Enrolling sites: MD Anderson Cancer Center, City of Hope National Medical Center, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, University of
Colorado, Weill Cornell Medical Center, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Tulane University Medical Center Infectious Disease,
Memorial Sloan Kettering, Duke University, University of California - San Francisco

clinicaltrials.gov link can be found here.
See presentation below from Dr. Thomas Holland from Duke University for a preview of early results on the additive diagnostic value of the Karius Test when used in conjunction with SOC for the diagnosis of suspected pneumonia.



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